As college students, we know how difficult it is to learn in an online environment. Therefore, we created a website where we combined productive tools where students can be successful. Our mission was to give students a learning boost that would improve the overall quality of education focused on college students.

What it does

A website that manages projects, tasks, display calendar and deadlines for projects, and plays lofi hip-hop music.

How we built it

Using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, we designed 2 websites - a landing product page and a user's page. Then, using Google Cloud's firebase, we created a database focused on login that can save the user's data. By using those authentications, we made it unique to our website so that every user can follow their projects and to-do lists. Using Javascript, we made the website more interactive and organized where you can listen to music without any distraction.

Challenges we ran into

First time using a database, and found it extremely difficult to implement the authentication feature and maintain a database. We found it difficult to make everything organize and interactive so anything will not overlap anything else in the user's page. When implementing the music feature of the lofi hip-hop music streaming video, it was difficult to make it play as we had it to complement it with our other features without messing up the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learned how to use firebase and authentication, UX/UI design, teamwork and working in different timezones, first time creating a web app with database that updates data in real-time.

What we learned

A lot! Work in teams via Discord and online environment, learn new technologies - Google's Cloud firebase, Javascript, CSS frameworks - and learning as a team.

What's next for StuWeb

More features for studying - a real-time calendar, personalized music playlist, personalized user's page color display, and more dynamic updates. Notifications through email and inside the user's page. Develop an app for Android and iOS.

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