Being university students, we understand the struggle that comes with the transition of going to first year. We decided to create a project that would help new incoming freshman.

What it does

Use either a web-app or iOS app that allows a user (or broker) to fill in personal and travel information, choose the universities of their interest and then provide an elegant routing path that is optimized.

How I built it

Web-app => Angular, HTML, CSS, StackOverflow and lots of trial and error iOS-app => Unity, C#

Challenges I ran into

  • Difficulties coming up with an idea; overcame by spending a long time trying to find a problem that was worth solving and could actually provide some type of value to the user
  • Inexperience with technologies; overcame by intensively reading documentation, understanding the logic, and basically two all-nighters to get tasks done

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • A web app and iOS app that have sufficient functionality along with elegant UI. Fully functional user form and schedule optimization.

What I learned

  • The most important part of development is persistence and supporting each other to ensure that everyone can complete their tasks and contribute to the overall project.

What's next for StuTours

  • Hotel accommodations
  • Integration with Google Calendar.
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