Created from the combination of "Apes Together Strong" and "Student", StuStrong is was created to stop the struggles of students looking for resources and unable to have a proper guidance when it comes to learning something new. I, myself struggled a lot while learning ReactJS as I didn't have proper resources to learn it from. Even, after I managed to learned the framework I would often myself wandering on the google pages trying solve even a minute doubt. I thought of solving this problem and creating a virtual student community where students as well as new learners could come together and discuss their study doubts.

To be very honest, I got the inspiration to create this project mainly from Discord.

What it does

StuStrong helps students and vivid learners to chat with other users on any particular topic. They can chat, have audio meets and even share their study materials via our platform. One of the major difference between StuStrong and Discord is that, with discord being very popular platform used for all kinds of communties, a user would often find their chats lost in the rooms filled with thousands of users. StuStrong has limited that by building a student only platform and limiting the number of users in a room to 250. StuStrong also provides the option of sharing files of all kinds with each other.

How we built it

I have used following tech stack for the project,

  • ReactJS
  • CSS3
  • NodeJS
  • SocketIO
  • MongoDB Atlas
  • JWT Auth

Challenges I ran into

I am not the best when it comes to building frontend using ReactJS. I faced lots and lots of frustrating errors which wasted a lot of my time. Working with individual posts and storing them according to the userID was also a pain in the ... Other challenge was to complete the project within the time span, which unfortunately I failed at.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Participating in such a cool Hackathon and spending time on taking a new initiative is something I would be proud of.

What's next for StuStrong

Some of objectives that we need to complete in the project are,

  • Make UI/UX responsive
  • Improving the database model
  • Create new routes to add dynamic content
  • Finishing the project
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