StuStaCulum is a medium sized 4-day festival in Munich organized by students with over 25000 visitors!

At the festival, currently only cash payments are available, but there's no cash dispenser nearby, so people often run out of money.

And often the bottleneck to a new beer is the cashiers - hence digital payments could improve throughput :)

We want to create a suitable free open-source festival payment system.

What it does

You can transfer cash and electronic cash to the StuStaPay system. You have a pseudonymous token (RFID wristband, App) identifying your StuStaPay account. Payments for beer or food stands can then be done instantly with the token.

How we built it

  • central server: PostgreSQL, pl/pgsql, Python, aiohttp
  • cash desk: Python, Qt6 + PySide2 + QML, zbar

code was written with Doom Emacs, Spacemacs, Visual Studio Code on Arch and Gentoo Linux :)

Challenges we ran into

  • handling async websockets with sync QT
  • while only trying to create the very basic version, we only managed to do even less than a basic version in this short time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Completely working backend
  • Tamperproof database

What we learned

  • building interactive UIs with backend is really complicated

What's next for StuStaPay

Polish, Test, Deploy, Scale, Use!

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