• The main hurdle in digital payment is the availability of credit card/ debit card. Students due to lack of payment options have to revert to cash payments. • Most of the time students face the lack of cash as their major problem during any transaction. Our product, StuPay focuses majorly on this problem.

What it does

• The flow of control of the StuPay will be as follows:

  • Registration will be done on the basis of roll numbers
  • Students will deposit cash to the super-admin
  • The money will be credited in the wallets of the students
  • This money will be used in the various transactions like photostat shops, canteens etc.
  • The withdrawal money will be deducted from senders account and credited to the receivers
  • If the money reaches a minimum low then a notification is send to the account holder and urges him to recharge

How we built it

We used android for application development , python for data analysis, javascript , html, css for the front end. For database we incorporated firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating firebase into application and the website Peer To Peer Communication

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Payment methods and analysis of the past month data Peer to peer transactions

What we learned

we learned in depth about firebase , finance in technology and the different applications of the same

What's next for StuPay

Scoping it for any ecosystem apart from college TO take this to the global level we can use ISIC card and involving every student .

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