Mental health tools are as important as any other study tool. Students are prone to anxiety and depression due to the challenge of managing studies, friends, family, self-care and finances, all at the same time. Not everyone is good at organizing their lives well around these things. These people need an aMIGO in their life, as their assistant, life coach, and friend.

Most organization apps are those people forget to use after 5 days of installing it. Annoying notifications don't help either. MIGO is designed to be more like a friend who stays in touch with us, through a messaging-like platform. catching up to us

What it does

MIGO is a highly customizable assistant who keeps you on track with your goals even when you're going through stressful times. Students communicate their needs to the app through the bot.

How we built it

Azure chatbot, App prototyping in

Challenges we ran into

Azure platform was difficult to get running up. NLP Bots are still not perfect. Making this a usable product would require continued efforts making communication with the bot more natural.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Getting a basic chatbot running from azure (hopefully)

-Developing an app oriented to making student life (ultimately, our life) easier

What we learned

NLP Advancements don't necessarily translate to making the development of NLP driven apps easier. It's a lot of manual work. Still, Azure's BOT APIs are a great starting point offering a sensible workflow to start with and learn about.

What's next for StuMIGO

  • MIGO is smart enough to hear students out on any topic and give them useful advice

  • Integration with google calendar/time organization apps, so MIGO organizes around your schedule better

  • Right now, we have only began working on the chatbot but it needs to be deeply integrated with an actual app with all the functionalities like managing eating habits, catching up on where you are with your goals

  • Use conversation history to predict depression/anxiety levels of students

  • Making communication with the bot more natural

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