To many doing groceries is a hassle that takes too much valuable time off our busy lives. Our team was driven by an interest in facilitating our lives as consumers through automation, computer vision and machine learning.

What it (almost) does

Capable of keeping a record of the grocery items in your fridge, freezer and/or pantry box. Press 'Set up' to save your desired items and 'Restock' to automatically order everything that has run out.

How we built it

A flask API calls Clarifai for Computer Vision and NCR's API for Transaction Data, using MongoDB for our storage needs and a Native React app for the Client.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we tried using Firestore for our database and GCP Cloud functions. Due to unfamiliarity, we decided to run everything in a Rest API instead. Lack of sleep, time and caffeine made the tasks difficult to complete.

What's next for Stuffed

Give the application all initially intended functionality.

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