Creating flashcards can be exhausting. You have to remember to bring them with you to study, you need a writing tool to edit or create them and some paper. We wanted to make it easier to study quickly for tests, and provide various ways to study.

What it does

StudyTime allows you to create decks of flash cards to study by yourself, or with a friend. When using it solo, you have the option to just go through the list at random and try to remember. There is a second mode which requires input to check if you actually are getting them right. At the end it will give you your score. Using multipeer-connectivity, you can pick a deck to study and your friend will see the answer while you get the hint, you then can guess to your friend and they can keep you guessing, or mark that you passed/failed and to move on.

Challenges we ran into

Sharing data between 2 devices live

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing a app within 36 hours

What's next for StudyTime

Keep decks and flashcards in the cloud to share between any device. A shared public cloud so a public database of flash cards can be used

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