I was casually stream-hopping on various "lo-fi beats" channels on Youtube, when a bot on one of those channels inspired me to create my own timekeeper bot as I simultaneously felt guilty about skipping college work to enjoy some nice beats

What it does

This Discord Bot currently greets the user and shows the current time, but I hope to add more timekeeping features such as the minutes I spent on discord playing with other bots(such as Taco Shack), and possibly some motivational messages to help me study.

How we built it

I built it using as I'm quite confident with Python along side Discord's own Developer Dashboard to help make the bot.

Challenges we ran into

Struggled a lot with using Python on Visual Studio Code, as I usually use Jupyter Notebooks or just the Python IDE.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managed to make my first ever bot, as I haven't made one previously. I also had loads of fun going through the documentation for Module. Also, Super Happy whenever my bot responds to the commands

What we learned

Learnt about, Datetime module and how Bots work in general

What's next for StudyTime Bot

I hope to add a feature that stores the total time I spent, has a review of my activity and something that can send some motivational messages for when I'm super unmotivated to my work

Built With

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