while attending online class, used to get distracted by the notifications from other sites and I used to open those sites. this made me less attentive in class and I used to missout important notes and lectures.

What it does

this chrome extention blocks all websites except for google meet(where you attend your online classes) and youtube (where you see videos related to your study)

How we built it

To build this extension, searched for a nice css template instead of creating it from scratch to save my time and and wrote a javascript file for the extension

Challenges we ran into

This is my first chrome extension, so I first leant how to make an extension from youtube and then I made this file.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

this extension will help the students to focus more on their studies and will make them free from any distraction.

What we learned

I learned how to make a chrome extension and how it works.

What's next for StudyTime

I will try to fix any bug which I find out and will try to add more features to it.

Built With

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