We always spend hours hunting around for quiet study spots on campus, and we wanted to make something that we would personally use and would help students like us.

What it does

Suggests good study spots for students looking for a quiet place to work in real time.

How we built it

It uses OSISoft's PI Web API to retrieve WiFi statistics from buildings around campus in order to estimate and analyze which ones are currently the most occupied based on the number of devices connected to the internet at the current time. Then, we extract interpolated data from the past week for a certain building and take the maximum of the WiFi occupants in order to compute which building is most likely to be quiet, i.e. least used in real time. We display our top ten recommendations on our web app, but the user can view real-time stats for all the UC Davis buildings on the bottom.

Challenges we ran into

Javascript Promises and asynchronous functions executing in the wrong order. Had us debugging into the wee hours of the night.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made a deployable web app that not only works as intended, but also looks pretty cute with an absorbable mascot :^)

What we learned

Too much about Javascript Promises :((

What's next for StudySpace

We want to incorporate a location guidance functionality using Google Map's API, as well as use the electricity data from OSISoft's CEEDs to promote sustainable energy usage. Every time our API call makes a request, cache the query string for each building's wifi key to avoid high latency in subsequent loads.

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