A realization that collaborative work as well as self-study can be so much more with advancing technology. The inspiration also came from joint frustration with both current digital and paper uses in work as well as learning. The problem and question was _ "how can we implement an improvement that can be useful for not just one demographic, but many?". _

What it does

“We, as a collaborative group, endeavor to create and design a simple, efficient space through augmented reality, in which any and all ages can come together to learn, plan, and innovate anywhere and everywhere.”

This project is set for the present as well as the future. It aims to use augmented reality to add notes, images, video and 3D objects to any environment through the use of tracking. This is extremely useful in self-study, education in schools as well as team meetings and brainstorming in a professional workplace. Furthermore, it is also useful to hide confidential information from prying eyes as they do not have access to see the same information from the same objects. In the present it is available for phones and tablets. In the future it can be adapted to technologies such as the Google Holo-lens.

How we built it

With the use of unity, we constructed the project for IOS phones/tablets. We constructed different scenes with the use of different icons, and scripts.

Challenges we ran into

As a 4 man team, we were often struggling with time. Much organization and quick meetings had to take place along the way to keep us on track to provide a finished product on time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The project was a success, we successfully built an augmented reality for IOS mobile phones/tablets which could do all aspects that we planned to. Our team work was immaculate, we were all very organized shared the work equally.

What we learned

New technology is difficult to implement but extremely rewarding when successful. For us, as the first Hackathon we've been to, we have learnt that immaculate teamwork and minimal distractions or contradicting ideas help to maintain a consistent timeline.

What's next for StudySpace

StudySpace can be developed and adapted for future use with hololens as well as VR. It's got a huge demographic, being able to be used for almost any ages for both study, learning as well as professional meetings or scrums.

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