Study Space

A quick and easy tool designed for college students to find a study space on campus by calculating the population in each room via laser gate sensors. The app itself contains a map of the college campus, a list of all available buildings and room on campus, and an alert system to notify the user when a room they've requested has reached a certain occupancy.

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  • This app will help student’s save spend less time wandering the library looking for seats, and more time studying for the midterm or final that they’re worried about.
  • Although we used laser gates to calculate the population in each room, we recognize that it’s not a perfect solution and other alternatives exist, such as utilizing IR sensors or an Xbox Kinect to count how many bodies are in the room
  • In addition, more features can be added to the app, such as noise level, wifi quality, and outlet coverage.


  • Brook Tamir
  • Chris Jiang
  • Jerry Lin
  • Numan Khan
  • Sameer Dandekar

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