Think back to the countless times you have wished “Why couldn’t all of my studying and school assignment deadlines be in one place?” or “How can I study more effectively with my time without getting distracted by switching through apps”?

This is why we - as students - decided to create a Chrome extension to solve this problem.

Nowadays there are so many different productivity apps you can find. But in practice trying to use all of them doesn't maximize productivity, it wastes time. Wishing there was a simple place where all to-do lists from homework & assignments, timers and music was stored is what birthed StudySpace.

What it does

Want to save your time from switching tabs and finding background apps? Introducing StudySpace.

Study Space is a convenient and portable online tool which provides students the ability to be organized and study more effectively. StudySpace gives students an all-in-one approach to the modern productivity tools: the ability to manage to do lists, listen to music, set timers, and discuss with their peers, all in one space.

How we built it

For the extension HTML and CSS was used to create the GUI. Then the functionality of the extension was developed using JavaScript.

Also, for the website presenting the extension to users we used HTML & SCSS, Bootstrap & Github in order to code collaboratively.

What's next for StudySpace

Some features we want to add in next updates include: Study Together which would offer a shared room with a chatbox to study with friends, Pomodoro to allow users to structure their studying and plan breaks. Finally, expanding the Chrome Extension to a Web Application making it available for all browsers.

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