Having a personal experience with transportation issues on college campuses, we created a service that we would want to use. StudyRide provides us with ease of transportation that we seek while also contributing to a more environmentally friendly campus by reducing gas emissions.

What it does

StudyRide is a ride sharing service specifically designed for college campuses. It allows users to find other students to carpool with. Whether you're making a trip to the store, driving somewhere on campus, or traveling out of town, StudyRide helps connect you to other students to share rides and reduce transportation costs while promoting a more sustainable mode of travel and contributing to a cleaner campus.

How we built it

For the Front-end, we used React.js and a combination of traditional and tailwind CSS. For the Back-end, we used Node.js, express framework in TypeScript, MongoDB Atlas.

Challenges we ran into

The main obstacle we faced was incorporating all of the functionality that we had brainstormed in our initial idea. We decided that building our website with a limited functionality at first would allow us to present our idea better in a short period time with an added opportunity for adding more functionality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned the React.js framework in less than 24h in order to realize our idea. We managed to make Front-end and Back-end work seamlessly and established great collaboration between the respective sub-teams.

What's next for StudyRide

We would like to improve our feed to show both requested and offered rides, include route suggestion and AI rides matching. For better user experience, we would like to make our service into an app eventually.

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