Self-study quizzes made easy and social.

Intelligently generate digital quizzes and study guides. Users being by taking a picture of a quiz, and our app automatically parses the questions and answers into little study guides. These guides can be shared with friends to compete against them for knowledge, or completed solo to improve learning skills.

We were inspired by the usefulness of apps that allow users to create quizzes and study guides, but found that none of them had a very easy method of entering the information. Additionally, we all found apps like Trivia Crack to be quite fun due to the competitive nature with your friends or strangers while still allowing you to learn!

We all leveraged our skills in specific areas (front-end, back-end, cloud, AI), but still learned how to manage a project and prevent scope creep. Additionally, most of us had ever properly used any of the specific items we took advantage of for this project (flutter, GCP vision), and even if we had, none of us had ever set up the projects on our own.

We faced some challenges with getting the OCR working properly but eventually got it working flawlessly closer to the end. We had some problems with our database management such as dealing with duplicate usernames. We had some problems with getting our front end to properly display items and updating since we weren't too familiar with Flutter.

Overall, we are really happy with out it turned out. We didn't get as many of the social features in as we wanted, but the fact that our backend is set up to allow for it and the extensible nature of the front-end, it wouldn't take too much longer to add in the other features we wanted.

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