We're all familiar with Blackboard, the site FCPS teachers currently use to communicate with their students. However, lots of Blackboard features (discussion board, announcements) are quite slow or incompatible with certain browser types. We wanted to develop an online platform where students and teachers can quickly ask questions, get answers, share knowledge, take notes, and learn.

StudyPixel has many interesting features. First, it consists of many pages dedicated to separate classes. Teachers may fill out a Request Form to enroll their classes with StudyPixel. Password protection is used to ensure security. Each class has - Bookmarks, Comment Thread, and Calendar. The Bookmarks allow people to share a helpful URL (with a description) like a portable Favorites bar. The Comment Thread is where people may ask and answer questions about the subject. The Calendar lets people add events and keep track of important dates. Students can also use the Notebook feature to take notes. All users are encouraged to read the Terms & Conditions, and fill out the Feedback Form once in a while to let us know what they think.

We built the site using hyperlinked HTML5 pages, with embedded CSS and JavaScript which allowed us to complete the graphic design and program important functions. One challenge we faced - not being able to temporarily update the page as information (comments, URLs) were submitted. After lots of research, we used JavaScript to help us do this.

We are proud of being able to design a website that can be applied to the daily lives of students by enabling important features that are uncommon in sites that are currently used. We also chose an interesting color scheme and format, hoping to make the graphic design as pleasing as the site was useful. Our site differs from social media in that it's secure and safe.

We learned many important programming concepts - How to update HTML5 pages, how to apply programming to our daily lives. In the future, we plan to implement JavaScript databases in StudyPixel in order to transfer data from one device to another, expanding the idea of educational social media. Additionally, we will add a provision for becoming a community member and create an account.

Thank you for reading about our project; we hope you like StudyPixel! :)

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