Everyone knows the feeling of walking into a class and feeling like you don't know anyone. It's daunting and scary. What's even more scary is that many people choose to do nothing about it, and they live through the whole class alone, from start to finish. Nick and I wanted to change that by creating an outlet for people to form groups and study or do homework together, specifically built around classes. We wanted people to go out and talk to others by making them fill out information and send out requests to study, while removing the initial hurdle of awkward introductions and superficial interactions

What it does

StudyNow is a web application that lets you create a profile, equipped with your classes, free time, and a short bio, and then sends you off to make or request to join groups. Study groups are given their own page to upload PDFs, post meeting notes, plan future events, etc, to incentivize students to join as many as they can. As a result, the network of communication keeps growing, and classes suddenly start to feel like a great way to meet many new people.

How we built it

We used the python framework Django, along with a SQLite database, as the backbone of this project. We took advantage of Django's smooth form and model handling in order to quickly move onto important functionality, such as joining groups, ediitng profiles, and matching similar free times. We handled mostly all the logic with django, and used bootstrap for our front-end design work.

Challenges we ran into

From the very beginning, two of the four teammates we had wanted to work with dropped from the team, so we lost a lot of coding power from the start. However, by reprioritizing and really focusing on what we wanted to get done, we managed to produce the most important features of this project. Our technical challenges involved trying to incorporate AJAX into Django, which there is no standard way of doing, and we decided was not fundamental to our app in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of building a working web application in two days with just two people. We're proud that we were able to incorporate as much functionality as we did, and that we were able to get a working test run of all the important features

What We learned

Prepare for the worst! Learn the ins and outs of your web framework before you get to the competition, and most importantly maintain a high degree of communication between each other.

What's next for StudyNow

We want to incorporate AJAX and create responsive pages in our application. We want to incorporate more functionality for groups that would entice people to join, such as announcements, calendars, events, and etc. We want to bring this application to the next level by enriching our design and templates with more eye catching and popping designs.

Getting Started

Using a virtual environment and python 3, run the following code

pip3 install -r requirements.txt
./ makemigrations
./ migrate
./ runserver

Then go to http://localhost:8000 and you're all set

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