The ideas for this project mostly came from our own needs. We constantly use our computers for both school and entertainment, and as a result it's easy to procrastinate on your schoolwork by switching over to entertainment. We wanted to create a simple program that helps prevent us from doing that.

What it does

Users can list both websites (i.e. and desktop programs (i.e. Steam) to be blocked. Users then specify how long to block these things and press start. During this time, selected websites are inaccessible and selected programs are automatically closed with a notification reminding the user to stay focused.

In the event of an emergency, the blocking functionality can be overridden. When listing websites to block, an "override key" is displayed to the user. This can be written down, and when correctly entered, the blocking functionality is stopped.

How we built it

We used Electron, a popular UI framework. The user interface is built using HTML/CSS and the logic is implemented in JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

By design, this project is very unconventional. It constantly edits system files, frequently checks other running programs and forcibly closes them. As a result, many of the features we implemented had little documentation and required a lot of trial and error.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making sleek & practical software that we will use ourselves.

What we learned

We've gotten a better understanding of how some low-level windows networking works as well as how to build a project so quickly.

What's next for StudyNow

We can't wait to get home and use it ourselves!

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