Being a new student to Gunn this year, I didn't have the same network of people to study with as I was accustomed to at my old school. This app would improve my life by being able to pair me with people in the same situation, and hopefully improve our GPAs.

What it does

When people input their tests into the app, the app will 'match' them with others students at their school that they may or may not know. The app then facilitates coordination between the two (or more) people to decide on a place, time, and method of studying.

How we built it

iOS app built with Unity. Database and cloud functions provided by Google Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Oddities with Firebase authentication framework, long build times for Unity program, annoying dependency issues with Node.JS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Producing an aesthetically pleasing app with Unity, even though it may not have been the right tool for the job.

What we learned

There's a reason no non-game apps are made with Unity

What's next for StudyMates

Fully fleshing out the 'matching' function. Eventually, we want the app to start to suggest tests to you, as it learns your schedule.

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