When it comes to a partner or group project it is really just a roll of the dice, sometimes you get a great partner, other times you get a partner not even in your timezone. We emailed one of our groupmate's Computer Science professors to do a little bit of user research and he provided valuable insight into our project. From this, we wanted to create a way to match students based on personal characteristics like major, hobbies, class year, and time availability in order to create more cohesive project groups to benefit students and teachers everywhere.

What it does

StudyLink is a platform that professors can use to create better groups for their classes whenever they need to do a partner or group project. Our algorithm reads student input and calculates their compatibility with other students in the class, then it chooses pairs based on the highest compatible matches. This benefits both the student and the professor by providing the student with a successful partner on the first try and saving the professor time by drastically reducing the number of students who need a new partner.

How we built it

We used React so users can create profiles and see matches, the profiles are stored using a Microsoft Azure SQL server, and the matching algorithm was built using Java.

Challenges we ran into

The challenging part of our process was connecting each individual language together. We each had a working part, but then getting different parts to communicate eachother was something we had to learn on the fly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Generating our idea and working together as a team to solve our problems along the way.

What we learned

How to connect multiple languages together to make one cohesive project

What's next for StudyLink

  • Implementing a time calendar to show matches with same availability
  • Denying proposed matches and creating new ones so professor has multiple options
  • In browser messaging to connect students easier

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