I remember when I was in college, I find it difficult to ask questions in class and sometimes not satisfied with the answers some of the lecturers give to me. So I try to post some of the questions in some class groups and online forum but it takes a long time before I get answers and sometime I don't get answers at all. Sometimes our classmates even explain a topic or question better to our understanding, so I prefer learning from them too. I really believe in connecting with other students in other colleges to share ideas since we have different levels of lecturers teaching us.

What it does

StudyHub is a platform that connects college and university study together to ask questions, seek answers, discover new knowledge and contribute to each others educational goals. It gives the students ability to ask questions specifies to a particular topic in order to find solutions very easy. It lifts the burden on lectures to be explaining a topic or questions number of times to the students. It makes it easier for students to find solutions to their questions.

How I built it

Tech Stack

  • Ionic
  • Firebase

Challenges I ran into

I had some difficulties in building the voting algorithm in the answer section

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally I was able to code a working voting algorithm to filter the highest upvote to the top and vice versa.

What I learned

How to create voting algorithm

About student email address

IPMC is an IT college in my country and we don't have a custom email for all students. We use gmail accounts to submit our assignments.

What's next for StudyHub

Looking forward to add more features such as an AI to make possible predictions to answer and analysis the correct one and a lot more

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