As high school students, we understand the benefits of having a study partner/group to discuss and work together with. We also know that it is harder to find new people during the pandemic. We were originally inspired by how Zoom has enabled school to keep teaching throughout this pandemic, so we created a platform that enabled students to connect in a less official and outside-of-school way. It also allows them to make new friends and meet new people.

What it does

Our app allows its users to find and connect with others who share classes and interests with them. They can join groups and chat with other members.

How we built it

We used SwiftUI to build our user interface and then connected it to Firebase where it stores all the data about certain groups (for example who is in it, the name of the group, and the chat messages that were sent in that group's chat). Firebase also handles the login/signup of our app.

Challenges we ran into

Originally, we wanted to implement an audio/video call function; however, after trying several different methods and extensions, we were unable to find one that worked. The team member who was implementing it was on the Apple Silicon Mac, and it seemed like the api's we used were not compatible with that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Our chatrooms • Our signup and email verification system • Our login system and how it keeps the user logged in even after they close the app • Our selection menus

What we learned

• How to implement a chatroom • How to add a selection picker menu • How to add a email verification system

What's next for StudyChat (Here)

In the future, we hope to figure out how to add the audio/video calls to each group.

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