This is a simple MEAN Stack API that helps students apply themselves during their school years. Create accounts and to-do lists and (in the future) be able to integrate calendars and more!

Through using MEAN stack and bootstrap we were able to integrate a beautiful front end User Interface for creating accounts and managing todo's. The major components for the server were built with Node.js, more specifically the Express.js framework. These languages were used to connect the server and front-end to the data base. The data base was a mongodb, and we used the mongoose framework to help create organized documents. Finally, we used bootstrap and various other web-development practices to create a friendly and functional front-end.

Our next steps are to continue to develop our idea on our own time. We aim to develop an accurate calendar integration as well as payments. The largest differentiator for our api compared to other similar apis is our payment plan, consumers will pay a monthly fee (a minimum of 5$) and if (and only if) they meet all of their goals and todo's they will get their money transferred to their next month of payment. However, if they do not meet their goals, we the developers will use the money to continue to develop and host the database and server.

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