As students, there have countless times when we have had unproductive study sessions with close friends which end up being more about socializing than studying. For moments like these, we still wish to study with people in the same courses without the distractions. And it is sometimes intimidating and/or inconvenient to reach out to new people.

StudyBuddy is a mobile application that aims to solve this issue by connecting you with other students in the same campus that are studying similar courses or are in nearby locations.

Users can choose to host course-specific studying events at locations around their campus. They can choose to find study sessions based on the course/discipline they want to study or the location their currently at.

A simple, touch based user-interface eliminates the hassle of creating an 'advertisement' on other social media websites or calling up friends and waiting for responses. It allows students to be able to use a common interface for setting up such groups and find only the most relevant events so they do not waste any time.

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