We were inspired by apps like Tinder, Reddit, and Discord. Being college students ourselves, we know how difficult it is to study sometimes and having a partner is extremely beneficial. We hope that if the idea were fully fleshed out someday, students would benefit from it.

What it does

As of right now, it allows a user to create an account and add their courses to their profile. Ideally, the search function would find users in your school to study with. The search would return a list of cards with pertinent information such as a study buddy rating and the frequency of which you usually study.

How I built it

For the front-end, we used React Native on top of Expo to develop for both IOS and Android. As for the back-end, we use a php api to handle get and post request.

Challenges I ran into

Developing a cross-platform application that looked good on multiple devices with as little specific platform code as possible. Some of the components looked good on IOS but not on Android. Along with this, one of our teammates had other commitments he needed to deal with so it was essentially three of us working on a project designed for 4 people. The sleep deprivation was certainly not helpful either and led to some trivial mistakes that cost us important time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Each of us ran into and overcame a multitude of problems during our work and that persistence it was something we are very proud of. While we would have liked to get more done, we are proud of the app architecture we were able to build in a little over a little less than a day. This is a wonderful barebones project that is not bad at all considering none of us are comfortable in react native.

What I learned

Together we got a better understanding of the start to end process of app design. Personally, I learned a great deal about react native and I started to understand how front-end and back-end connect through a server and api.

What's next for StudyBuddy

As of right now, we do not have any plans. Mainly because our brains are friend after 24 hours of no sleep. If we have the time, it would be great to finish the app and improve the overall look of the app.

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