When the COVID-19 pandemic started, we had to move all our lives to our bedroom. Schools are closed, offices are closed, public meeting up places are shut down. We have to keep distance from our friends and coworkers. We have to study at home by ourselves, and work online. The productivity and efficiency of work and study decrease. Without human interactions, we are forced to do everything on our own, which is not only affecting the study and work quality but also our mentality health. Therefore, we need a new way of connecting people together again.

What it does

In Study Buddies, users can use email to register and login to a chat room, where they can invite their friends to study and work together. It creates an virtual 'live' studying or working environment for users while they are physically at their homes. Users can join existing 'rooms' with their own interests after reading the rules of those 'rooms', such as no trash talk, no smoke, etc.. Additionally, users can also create their own 'rooms' and selects certain themes for that room then invite other people to join. Users in the same room can chat, share knowledge, make friends or simply study together.

How I built it

We used Android Studio as our IDE, Flutter as our main language, Java and Xml partially, and Firebase as our data storage.

Challenges I ran into

Using Flutter was a big challenge for most of our teammates as it is our first time to use it. Meanwhile, to merge all our branches into one repository was hard as well when some issues happened.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We accomplished the project in less than 12 hours, and all the team members are supportive to each other.

What I learned

Teamwork is the most important. We shouldn't be afraid of learning new things even though it might be overwhelming at the beginning.

What's next for Study Buddies

Study Buddies are created in the need of pandemic situation, however, it can also be used for any distance communication, study, work or research usage. It can be customized according to users needs.

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