The Perfect Study Buddy. It sucks studying alone. Everyone's gone through the experience of going through terms in their head while trying to cover the definitions with their hands. Having done a lot of studying (thanks, engineering), we realized that having an automated study buddy would help motivation and accountability.

What it does

Study Buddy helps you study. By pulling quiz sets from Quizlet, Alexa allows you to learn about and practice different topics. Users are given three chances per question, and, at the end of each problem set, are given statistics about their performance. For easy learning, there is also the option to skip questions.

How we built it

Study Buddy is hosted entirely on the cloud. The Alexa Skill is hosted on AWS Lambda using Node.js with static data hosted on Firebase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Integrating Firebase database with AWS lambda session variables took a lot of effort and we were very happy that it worked out well. This was also our first Alexa project, and it was cool watching the program become more and more robust in handling speech input.

What's next for Study Buddy

The future for Study Buddy is bright. Immediate next steps include: expanding Quizlet integration to allow for users to explore more problem sets, increasing statistical detail and gamification of the studying process. These would allow for the user to study more intelligently and with more motivation.

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