We were intrigued by a Japanese procrastination cafe where students would go to feel motivated and pressured to study. A social environment that discourages procrastination and instead encourages healthy study habits is something that we wished to share with the world. We decided that especially after the pandemic, many students felt disconnected from their peers and were thus lacking motivation. We all personally wished a platform like StudyBuddy existed and believe that many students around the world feel the same way and would want to take advantage of our website.

What it does

StudyBuddy is a platform to allow students to connect to virtual study rooms. By connecting to other students around the world, they can utilize the pressure from their peers and social environment to fuel their motivation for studying. Students can also take advantage of the study rooms by connecting with others to ask for questions, provide answers, and form relationships. Education is as extremely fundamental part to growth and maturity, so it is crucial and students are able to access the help of their peers as they learn.

Our goal is to make studying more rewarding and at the same time being able to teach others the knowledge that we know. One of the best ways to learn and sharpen your skill is the ability to teach and re-explain the known materials. not just studying but getting into good habits. We use positive reinforcement which is every time we push ourselves into doing something that might be mundane for example homework. Once done, the reward is something exciting.

We envision this project in a classroom settings as well as learning environment where you can work in group as well as competing against each other. Teachers can give a task and the reward can be anonymous. When the timer starts, whichever student finishes the task first will receive the reward.

How we built it

Our development was split up into 3 phases: brainstorming, prototyping, and building. We spent the brainstorming part collaborating with each other and building off of each other's ideas. One we reached our final idea, we utilized Figma in order to plan out what we thought the pages should look like and how they should connect to each other. After we all knew what were were aiming to build, we split up the workload and began coding different projects on our respective platforms. Eventually, we shared what we were working on each other through and GitHub.

Challenges we ran into

We had difficulty adding the middle circle of the clock for the timer, and spent a lot of time debugging this portion of our code as we felt it was important to have a visual component of the time for StudyBuddy's mission. We also had difficult adding the animations and pop-ups for when it was time for the user to reward themselves, but put a lot of effort into getting this working because it was fundamental to our mission.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our idea to bring Japanese study cafes to life, as we feel this idea is unique and also has the potential to be extremely useful to students around the world. Additionally, we are proud that we were able to take advantage of our well balanced team in order to efficiently bring our idea to life. Our functioning website looks and works as we had envisioned it to work and how we planned for it to work when we were prototyping. We are also very proud of our teamwork, especially because we were balancing members from different time zones all around the world!

What we learned

We learned about splitting the HTML code into div sections so we could make our website easier to navigate, how to style navigation bars in CSS, and how to add animations in JavaScript. We also learned about the rapid prototyping process and failing fast so we could learn quickly.

What's next for StudyBuddy

StudyBuddy aims to globalize itself and make its perks accessible to non-English speaking students. We would like to add a map feature to see where the study rooms are taking place in order for the students to have a physical location to ground themselves and so we can add themes that correlate to the specific location and/or subject the study room is centered around. A map feature would also allow everyone to see the impact of StudyBuddy across the world!

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