We want to help students find it easier to connect with students online, form study groups, and study together.

What it does

StudyBuddy helps students form study groups, find study groups near them by location, discuss questions and answers, share files, and study together. Upon creation of a new group, a unique online HipChat customized for enhancing the study experience, is created for that group. Users can search for groups as well.

How I built it

StudyBuddy is built on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, with Node.JS, PHP, MongoDB, and MySQL on the backend integrating with Google Maps APIS for location and maps and HipChat APIs for customization of HipChat chat rooms.

Challenges I ran into

Development went rather smoothly and our biggest challenge was actually catching little bugs and handling transitions smoothly when we moved between programming languages or platforms. But that we learned to fix well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making this app was a lot of fun and an enriching experience and I'm really proud that we made this together.

What I learned

We honed our technology skills, learnt new technology tools and tricks, and enhanced our ability to work well as a team.


StudyBuddy is the winner of the Best Use of HipChat API from Addteq!

What's next for StudyBuddy

We'd like to add more features and make the app scalable.

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