As Purdue students, it isn’t always smooth-sailing. At some time within a student's four years at Purdue, they are bound to have a class that tests their skills and knowledge. Professors often rush through lessons to fit the whole course within the few months of class. Every student learns at a different pace and might need to slow down to truly grasp the concepts. Sometimes, we just want some peer help and support.

What it does

Our team created StudyBuddy as a solution or aid for students. It is not only for those who are struggling in class, but the Buddies support each other to help their understanding of the course. They can practice together and help each other succeed in the class.

How we built it

Our team was able to create the StudyBuddy app through Android Studio and Firebase. We spent meticulous hours working to make sure the application functioned properly.

Challenges we ran into

Since our whole team is new to working with Android Studio, we had to learn things along the way. Time was also not on our side for this project. Though all participants were given the same amount of time, we spent most of ours researching and understanding issues within our code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Though it may not seem like much, we are proud of being able to work together to come up with an idea with great potential.

What we learned

There is so much more to learn for us to be able to reach our vision of the app. We learned how to collaborate and now, we know how to spend our time more wisely.

What's next for StudyBuddy

We hope to implement an in-app messaging system to allow users to have an easier access to contact peers through the app. Also, we hope to add a functioning notification system that works in and out of the app.

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