I was working on a mobile app that changed the way students connect, study, and get tutored. One thing I had an issue with was how to build the chat platform for students to communicate. It had to be powerful enough to handle the constant real time chat of college students as well as allow them to upload photos.

The app I am building allows students to post their homework to get help from gurus or other students. The students can also do group chat. Hence why I used Kandy; it was the perfect solution for the app I was building.

The feature I love the most would be the sharing of photos with other students. The goal is for them to share notes, homework problems, and other resources that would help them in college. This feature integrated into my app made everything super easy.

Kandy was integrated into my app by making it the platform where users can sign up and communicate with each other. Now, in the search result when searching for students or tutors, we use Kandy's libraries for them to exchange pictures, texts, audio, homework. When signing up, we used the SMS verifying system.


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