Study Buddies was the idea that came to us as a group when we began the brainstorming process. We all sat around and wrote ideas in the white board and all agreed on this one Idea. The main issue that we resolved as a team was that we all didn't know something. For example, some people did not know linked list, while others did not know c++, and others only knew java. After talking as a team, we wrote in Java and everyone pitched in the parts they understood. The end result is not fully complete, but it does run and the code shows the work that was completed by our group.

Study Buddies allows you to find a study buddy near YOU! Study buddy scans schools in our app to see who you match with, based on the time you are available and the subject you are looking for! It is easy to use and easy to find you study buddy!

Study Buddies uses file reading to create a linked list of nodes that each hold information of people in each node. Each new node is a different person and uses search to find the right node based on input.

This project is not fully complete, but the effort was as strong as when we began, when we ended.

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