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Hack the North 2019 submission! A Chrome web extension to help with research and studying.


A work-in-progress, this is an extension that can automatically generate citations and recommends other articles and links for referencing. Inspired by our own experiences of making references, StudyBud aims to simplify the process by making generation more streamlined (without leaving your tab as opposed to going to another website). This extension is built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript - similar to the development of a website. Some information to help generate citations makes use of basic web scraping.


Implementing the Javascript and making it work with the extension proved to be difficult, but we learned a lot from it. As well, making the UI took longer than expected. Everyone on the team was new to web development, so this provided a good opportunity to expand our skill sets.

Next Steps

A lot of the functionality planned for the extension did not make it in, such as using the Microsoft Azure API (specifically their text analysis and Bing search functions) to help with the recommended links part. As well, the code for the formatting of citations is there but returning it in a useful form is needed.

Thanks for reading!

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