I saw people trying to find study groups in GroupMes with 300+ people using Google Forms and DMs. I just thought to myself that automating this would be a fun and quick project that would help a lot of people.

What it does

It helps create study groups using GroupMe.

How we built it

  • NodeJS and Express as the server
  • Pug as the templating engine
  • MySQL as the database storage
  • GroupMe API to facilitate contact between people and find people in groups

Challenges we ran into

  • GroupMe's API documentation was difficult to understand

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • That we made the website look good

What we learned

  • Read the docs before coming to a Hackathon

What's next for StudyBook

  • Clean up code
  • Use functions and libraries instead of copy-pasting code
  • Add auto-delete data function
  • Give students in other universities the ability to setup this project

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