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As the four of us transitioned to online learning, we spent a lot of time watching recorded ECE lectures, sometimes we remember what the professor has said but we are not completely sure so we would like to go back to the part in the video in which the professor goes through the concept. We find this process really time consuming because we remember that the professor has mentioned the word at around a certain timestamp, however we do not know the exact timestamp. Therefore, we have to watch the lecture from the part in which we think we remember and quickly skip through some parts to get to the part where the professor discusses this topic. This led us to think, is there an easier way in which we can get the timestamp so that we get the information we need right away? This is when we decided to build this platform for anyone from students to businesses to take advantage of our website which makes it more convenient for them to get information from the spot that they are looking for right away.

What it does

A platform which allows anyone to upload a video file and search for a keyword, our program outputs the timestamp in the video in which the keyword is found. Also, you can use our website to extract a transcript from a video in which the platform that the video is located in does not have a transcript function. With many companies adjusting to work from home, their clients call them to ask questions or file complaints. We can help with clients calling in for a follow up call. You can use our website to easily search through recordings of what your clients said. Or if you are a student adjusting to online recorded lectures, you can use our website to quickly search for keywords in a video when you are studying.

How We built it

This website was built with the focus on what has been happening around us in 2020. Our focus is to help make a change to the world and make it easier for people to adapt to the change that COVID has brought, whether it is for businesses, students or entertainment.

Challenges We ran into

The mapping caused some error for the data in the backend and frontend. As the hackathon was online, it was difficult for us to share what we are working on right now as this is the first online hackathon for us.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Our backend extracted the transcript from the file which the user uploads and the frontend extracted the correct timestamp in which the word can be found in the video quickly and successfully. We are proud of developing a functioning product that allows for people to adapt to the new normal as a result of COVID.

What We learned

How to incorporate Google Cloud APIs into our design!

What's next for StudyApp

We hope to bring Studyapp to the world! Our goal is to launch this feature so that our clients can start using it immediately. We plan to expand the website by adding more languages

Note: Our two github repos are: and

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