Growing up, our opinions were constantly dismissed by the grown-ups around us. “You’re too young to worry about this,” “you don’t know what you are talking about,” “you’re still a kid,”....etc. The truth is, even as kids and teenagers, we have the natural instinct to reach out and help those around us; to do good. 
  That was exactly our case. We are a group of 4 high schoolers with big dreams and a bigger ambition, and we knew that there had to be a way. We wanted to create a way that we could show our support to a cause, organization, or social issue, while having the constraints of being a teenager without having the source of income, opportunity, or time to do so.
  After a tough 24 hours and many cups of coffee, Study4Change, the future of studying and of our generation, was created. We were inspired to make Study4Change from the website and Ecosia's concepts of having users interact with an interface that we create and end up helping make a better tomorrow. We hope you’ll enjoy this website as much as we do!

How we work:

  The more you study, the more time you collect. Time spent studying is collected and automatically converted to Change: for every hour you spend studying with us, 1 Changepoint will be automatically added to your profile. With your Change, you can choose from our list of organizations and causes, and we will donate to them. In the end,  By taking time to study with us, you are not only building your own career, but protecting and ensuring the future of others

How we built it

   We built the website using, HTML, Javascript, CSS, and other languages and interfaces. We started off by dividing the work between team members and working on different parts of the website such as the log-in page, landing page, study materials, and so forth. Collaboration is key when it comes to hackathons.

Challenges we ran into

   Some challenges we ran into were in regards to linking buttons to the correct links, unable to have enough time, and making every component fit in the page without looking off. The whole project was a lot of trial and error, but we are so glad that everything came together at the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

   We are so proud to have created this website. Given that we have limited experience in web development, having a functional product is impressive and an accomplishment we can accept.

What we learned

   This whole hackathon was a big learning experience for all of us. Together, we learned how to format components on a website using CSS, we learned how to research and use available resources to our advantage, we learned how to problem solve, and most importantly, we learned to work with others and persist through difficult times.
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