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Our app converts the voice into transcripts and finds relevant youtube videos for the students.

Online classes became common due to pandemic. And teachers are struggling to make students focus on the concepts that are taught online. So we want to help students to make their concepts more clearer which are taught in the classroom using youtube and Symbol.AI API.

Youtube is not just a platform that individuals share, upload videos. Teachers and educators can utilize it to the best maximum so that students can have benefits. Youtube can bring fun elements to the classes, which thereby meet the interests of students. and also several academic institutions use youtube to upload and share the course material on the internet.

Our project has two interfaces, one for teachers and another for students.

The first step is that the teacher has to record audio which can be done using Symbl.AI conversational api (SPEECH TO TEXT) and converts into transcripts and later after the class finishes she/he can share the whole class notes of the online class with her students so that the students don’t have to worry about any details missing in the class. The text shared by the teacher can be accessed in the student portal and using conversational api (GET TOPICS) the student can extract the key words in the class notes which is shared by the teacher and using youtube api we suggest different youtube videos based on the keywords extracted .

This helps the student master the topic which is taught in the class in a fun and interactive way from different sources on the internet and keep track of notes which are taught in the class.

Our application uniquely allows the user to supplement his knowledge with youtube videos and by using Symbl.AI and youtube as well.

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