What inspired you: We thought that time management is something that we have a little bit of trouble with during the pandemic.

What our code does: Study timer allows us to play a game after you have reached the time you need to study for.

How our code works: We first ask how long you need to study for then we will take that number and set a timer when that timer goes off it will send a message to the computer to ask you what educational game you want to play. When you answer the question of what game you want to play it sends a message to the computer to begin the game.

Challenges we ran into: Sometimes when it broadcasts something it won't work instead it will do nothing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Making two fun educational games that students can use to help encourage studying.

What we learned:

What's next for Study Timer: We would love to add a tutor setting and maybe some flash cards to help students learn better during the pandemic.

Built With

  • scratch
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