Our primary inspiration for this project is the desire to be more productive while socializing with others. However, when studying with friends, many individuals are not productive because they are distracted by their friend. By studying with a stranger at first, we have more pressure to study well and we can still socialize with somebody else. Furthermore, we thought that it would be an interesting challenge to incorporate Firebase with just Javascript. This would allow us to greatly improve our Javascript skill.

What it does

Our mobile friendly web app matches individuals with similar classes and interests together so that they can study. It helps students maximize their productivity as it brings another expectation to them. Since they just met, students are less inclined to be distracted, and meetings will generally start more formal. However, we hope that the people match will bond, and that friendships will form.

How we built it

The front end was done with HTML, CSS, and client sized javascript. We also used Bootstrap to make our website. We used a self sorting algorithm to sort the most complimentary algorithm based on the classes they are taking and their hobbies.

Challenges we ran into

Our unfamiliarity with Firebase caused a lot of confusion at first. Since we did not have a concrete backend, it was very difficult to incorporate all of the aspects we wanted to. Furthermore, many of us were unfamiliar with we applications causing a lot of googling and stress among the team. However, it was because of these challenges that we were able to bond with each other as a team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is composed of people from completely different universities. We all came in without knowing anything about each other, and now, we are all good friends. Moreover, we are proud that we managed to produce something of this quality in this short amount of time. The aesthetic design is beautiful and it functions very well. We all worked very hard on this project, and everybody came out of it better than they were before.

What we learned

We learned importance of friendship as well as how to employ Firebase. We often see Firebase at hackathons, however, none of use have actually used it. Using it is a great experience and allowed our team to go beyond our boundaries.

What's next for Study Swipe

We want to employ more productivity features in our app as it currently resembles other applications such as Tinder and TanTan. We hope to perhaps incorporate a schedule to arrange study meetings as well as perhaps making it a group function. This will enhance our application and appeal to the audience some more. We also want to incorporate more aesthetic design and make it more user friendly.

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