• Distanced learning has made it increasingly difficult to find students to work with in classes

Purpose of App

  • Connects students with one another, as well as their professors in a safe, and moderated environment.

What it Does

  • Automatically assigns students to required courses based on their program added through the personal profile
  • Personal profile: students add their program, term, and pronouns
  • Two main applications:
  • Connecting students with one another, and with their professors
  • Can be used to find a study partner, or vet a tutor
  • Creating a collaborative online environment through virtual study rooms


  • Adapting to the integration to online learning has taken a toll on our social lives
  • Studies show students after coming back to school after distanced learning people are more awkward and find it harder to socialize
  • There are no apps that help us reach out to other students in our very own school family
  • Finding friends in your classes can remain an ongoing struggle, regardless of your year and
  • Other social media apps are anonymous and not monitored, and can therefore become dangerous, and unfavourable to an educational environment

Challenges we ran into

  • Learning how to code
  • Learning how to push data onto a database
  • Ending up with a working product
  • Making a singular, unique app that solves all issues surrounding connecting with students due to online learning
  • Not reinventing the wheel: After trial and error we chose to link our app to google calendar and meets, rather than creating our own software to compete

How we Built it

  • Figma
  • Used as the framework and demonstration of our app
  • Android App
  • Android Studio

Accomplishments that we're Proud of

  • Accessibility friendly app includes large, brightly coloured icons and text, as well as a text to voice feature
  • Overcoming the challenges we faced
  • Focusing more on learning new skills such as using Figma, and programming

What we learned

  • How to work with Figma
  • With no prior programming knowledge, we build this app using Java on Android Studio
  • Built signup and login portals
  • How to connect to the Firebase database to store the data; which we applied to collect real-time from the signup form

Next Steps for Study Studio

  • Complete the technical aspect of this app and learn how to pull the data from Firebase to complete the automatic matcher system on the app
  • Implement Study Studio in universities across Canada
  • Waterloo will be a pilot program that allows us to work out bugs, and add any needed features before investing in large scale

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