We, as students faced a lot of problems in accessing notes in general, so we decided to make a platform particularly like Instagram (social media) but more precise and work-oriented where people can upload and get access to all kinds of notes according to their needs. Our problems served as the biggest inspiration to our idea. This website is designed with the aim to help every student across the globe! We, students always looked forward to a website that would help us not only in our academics but in general also without causing any distractions unlike other sites/apps so we decided to come up with Study Share that enhances excellence learning and diversity in education.

What it does

Study Share is a platform dedicated to schools to make communication between classmates easier. It allows students to share notes and various kinds of study material. Each class will have its own section where students can add notes for assignments, study sessions, and school work in general. We are dedicated to bringing classrooms together and helping students excel at school. It will not only help in academics but will serve really helpful in general also! Every student can get the benefits of good notes easily which will make education more accessible and cost-efficient.

How we built it

We, as high school students did not have much experience in coding so we kept it pretty simple by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We used sources like "font-awesome" to get our logos and installed Gmail API for authentication and verification system.

Challenges we ran into

We did not have much experience in programming so it was really challenging to come with an idea and execute it within the time allotted. After a lot of brainstorming, we decided to go with the study share project and learned the necessary skills for the same. Another challenge we came across was to meet with the timezones of our teammates and we were from different countries.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud that we are able to complete our desired project within the given time. We are proud of how well we executed our idea and made the best out of our time. We polished our skills in CS for this project and understood a great deal. It was an accomplishment to be a part of this hackathon and work with different people together as a team.

What we learned

We together learned a great deal. This project helped us to clear our concepts in CS (HTML, CSS, and JS in particular). Working together as a team also helped us to strengthen our team spirit! We learned to finish our tasks in less time and got better with time management.

What we will add/change to StudyShare

Our end goal is to make StudyShare _ "an Instagram for education". We have tried making it like that, but we didn't have enough programming knowledge to do so. We plan to include a following system, posts, comments, tags, a for you page. a place where you can see liked posts, stories, and an interests page where you can follow the courses and topics you like. We also plan to launch _StudyShare publicly and host it using React and Firebase. The last thing that we would want to change is the branding and UI of _StudyShare _ to make it look cleaner and nicer.

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