As a student we know that keeping on top of all your school work can be hard, especially when the assignments, tests, and exams start building up. This apps inspiration is to help you be more efficient in your studying and make good habits.

What it does

The program takes as input the dates of upcoming tests, assignments, and exams. Using this data, it works out what subject the user should prioritize each day to be ready for each assessment. Using the amount of days until the assessment is due and the percentage weight of the assessment it ranks the type of assignment and subject from most important to least and tells the user the most important thing for them to study.

How we built it

First, we talked about how the design and the user interface, brainstorming was really useful. We decided to take all the weights and the past tests of the assessments and record them. these eights are usually found on the course outline of the subject. Then through careful revision and analysis we made an algorithm that figures out how you should work to succeed and raise your average. Python was implemented and we were planning to make an app but we needed a little more resources and time.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to make the application as detailed as possible, so it would be able what subject to study for and what type of assessment, then we also wanted to add a daily timer feature that would suggest the number of hours of studying. This was a little difficult as we were in a tight spot with time and resources. finally as we were working on making the Application android friendly the software we were using did not work, and we were unable to make it into an application, but the code worked well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the final output of the code and the processes to get the output the user see's were a long process and it was a proud moment when the code started to work

What we learned

we learned a lot about class's and objects as well as parent and daughter class's

What's next for Success Prio (SP)

We were also researching machine learning to personalize the application for each user, as every user has a different study style and is naturally better at some subjects over others. we would do this by introducing a factor into the ranking process about weather or not they need more or less time for certain subjects. as well we would like the user to be able to use this application and input his or hers grads after following our set out schedule and adjusting the factors for how good they are at each subject using machine learning after training the computer for each user. As well as, having the application more powerful in managing the subjects and hourly rate of studying.

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