Study Scavenger is the first multi-lingual smartphone app that allows potential research subjects to search for clinical studies that meet their personal, financial, health and travel needs. Many persons search for studies for different reasons and one of the biggest complaints is that the research industry is not getting study information to motivated subjects. Study Scavenger empowers the potential patient by letting the patient choose what criteria is most important to them when searching for a trial. Is it distance, is it monetary, is it length of study? Study Scavenger educates the enrolled subject by providing easy educational information about the clinical trial process. Our educational information page provides detailed information to the enrolled subject about the informed consent process, about the process of FDA approval and descriptions of what the clinical trial process entails. Study Scavenger has partnered with CenterWatch and to bring thousands of quality studies to motivated research subjects. By partnering with Verified Clinical Trials, Study Scavenger offers Direct Connect. Direct Connect allows research sites or Sponsors to send value added texts or emails to enrolled research subjects who opt-in to the Direct Connect Program. The simple text and emails can include messages regarding the subject's next visit, blood draw, diary requirements, dosing reminders, e-coupons or personal messages such as happy birthday. These simple messages engage the research subject, increase compliance and retention within the clinical trial. With these simple value added messages, we as an industry can make a huge impact in educating and empowering the enrolled subject. During a traditional clinical trial, very limited time is spent at the research site. The research subject spends most of their time away from the research site and research staff. By utilizing Direct Connect, research sites and sponsors can support some of the day to day psychological and physical struggles of the enrolled research subject. By doing this simple step we can improve the research subject's satisfaction in the clinical trial process. Another fantastic feature of Direct Connect is it allows the research subject to receive any safety results and study data results even after the study has been completed. Unfortunately, some research sites close or are too busy to follow up with the subjects who completed or early terminated from a trial with safety data, study results and treatment arm information. With Direct Connect, Study Scavenger and VCT have an easy way to educate research subjects on this very important data. Study Scavenger engages the research patient throughout the entire study process. By providing recruitment , compliance and retention features , along with study safety and study treatment information, Study Scavenger brings tremendous value to the research patient.

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