So we wanted to give just a breif description of the project, and what sparked this idea. We are studets from The University of Texas-Pan American. We spend quite a lot of time in the library, most of us. We always have an finding an open study room, annd after going floor after floor looking for a vacant study room, we usually end up not finding one at all. We would really like to save the time of looking for a room floor after floor and just have a simple convenient way of knowing if there are any rooms available. The idea behind the project is giving the students or user the ability to know if there are any vacant study rooms available, and also give them the chance of reserving them.

How it works

We have a PIR Rev B Infra-Red motion sensor hooked up to an Arduino - Uno R3. The motion detector detects motion in the room and sends the data back to a webserver and the website attached to it telling all who are visiting the website that the room is either vacant or occupied. If the room is vacant then the user can reserve the room.

Challenges I ran into

The first problem we ran into was that we had no idea how the Arduino worked, or the software that even followed it. The documentation that the Arduino website has is very useful and in-depth. The second issue we ran into is getting the data we receive from the motion sensor that is sent to the computer via serial port to be sent to a webserver. One of the students who was roaming around looking to see if anyone needed help was kind enough to help us through the set up of the client and server side files. Using express is very tricky and he was such a great help. Special thanks to David Chavez for having the patience to answer our questions and pointing us in the right direction.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finished the project. That makes me proud enough.

What I learned

I learned that when it comes to hackathons, you really end up learning so much more than you expected.

What's next for Study Room Reservation Project

Make it global and then conquer the world

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