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The Inspiration of Study Quest comes from a mixture of Kahoot! and Dragon Quest. The goal is to create a better and more interactive learning environment for students in the classroom by using quiz sets that can be created from anyone, although our main target audience is teachers, students and exam boards.

What it does

There are 2 sections of the product, the game and the website:

The play the game, Users can be split into hosts (teachers), and participants (students). The hosts can create lobbies, loading a quiz set. Participants can then join, where they must team up together to defeat the enemy, by answering questions correctly to deal damage. If questions are answered incorrectly, the participant(s) who got the question wrong will take damage, instead of dealing damage to the enemy.

The website section of the product aims to build an active community around the product. It includes a forum section where users can ask questions to developers or one another, upload question sets, or have a conversation with one another. Furthermore, another section of the website is a blog section where the developers can update users of the product about the future direction of the product, updates, and ideas.

How we built it

The game section of the product was built programming in Unity, which utilises C#, along with the Photon networking engine. The website section of the product was built using PHP7, HTML5, CSS3 and JS. XAMPP was also used to emulate a local apache web server with a MySQL database server for functionality testing.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing the networking for the game was a challenge.

What we learned

During this project we learned utilise photon for game networking, as well as using php7 to create complex web applications.

What's next for Study Quest

The next steps for Study Quest:

  • Polishing the art style for the game product.
  • Adding a variety of monsters.
  • Adding a front view of the player whilst customising during the profile menu.
  • Sharing question sets as text files in the website forum section of the product.
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