Inspiration Finding a good study spot is always a hassle for students. We wanted a way to find one quickly which takes into account past user ratings and suggests the best spot to pick based on my preferences.

What it does

It uses google maps api to find your current location and with your inputted radius and what kind of place youre looking for (will probably add more places). It looks for those locations in google maps and orders them for you in order of best to last.

How we built it

Using the google api.

Challenges we ran into

using the google api was a bit confusing. Also none of us really javascript coming in to is and apparently arrays are objects?? l Also in some places it's ok to call array.length, but a few lines later it wont work???

Accomplishments that we're proud of

getting a working prototype out.

What we learned

quite a lot on how to use api's, especially googles. It will be much easier to use any api's in the future.

What's next for Study Place Finder

we need to add a better algorithm depending on more data such as how crowded the place is at certain times (not sure google has that info public though) and other variables like features, atmosphere, decour, ... for finding the best study spots, it is quite simplistic now because of the time constraint.

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