I never get help on my homework because I have no friends

What it does

Encourages users to help each other by rewarding them points when they help other users out by answering their questions.

How we built it

We started out as a decentralized app using Blockstack. We then added a mongodb database and a simple api server to increase the functionality of the website

Challenges we ran into

Halfway into the hackathon, we found out that a decentralized app can not know a list of its users. We also found out that exchanging information is difficult between two parties that don't know that each other exists. To solve this challenge, we created a database to store list of id of users' questions and answers. We made sure to limit the amount of data since that is the entire point of a decentralized app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

We learned more about how a decentralized app works, and some of the challenges that can be encountered when building one. Unlike a centralized app, where the server has full authority over users' data, decentralized app tries not to keep too much data which can lead to many challenges. It taught us to be more flexible and creative with our approaches in order to solve the challenges that came up along the way.

What's next for Study Oasis

Points system so that a user cannot abuse the system and only ask questions without answering. Also, we need a better way of removing those who answer

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