I'm the creator and founder of the study network.

It has emerged from my mixture of:

  • graduate mathematician in physics and computer science
  • business software developer
  • Woman with women's diseases diagnosed as chronic and incurable, which I did not accept because I knew deep inside that life could not be meant to be like this
  • energetic and spiritual healer
  • spiritual teacher
  • alternative practitioner in my practice self-healing consultation
  • Natural scientist

My motto: This is the path my soul has chosen. How can I make it so that it benefits everyone and not just a few?

What it does

Study network for integrative medicine is a health system without diseases in the centre is self-responsible person and what he needs to stay and become healthy.

Research in Study network for integrative medicine focuses on the strengthening of the self-healing powers and what we can do to create a healthy environment

Here is the presentation:

It opens a way to re-create the body. It opens a way to create social capital to investigate in your body and support people

How I built it

Study network for integrative medicine is existing in virtual reality as a network of internet platforms on the basis of WordPress. The architecture is tested in the real world in my body.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My body, which supported me, even though I tormented it quite a bit with my many why-questions before I understood how it works. My soul, which has guided me. That I got up again and again and did not lose the confidence that it is possible.

What I learned

To observe the symptoms of the body over time and to decipher what the body wants to tell us. To reprogram the brain and information field so that my body can get and stay healthy. To support other people so that they can get healthy again.

What's next for Study network for integrative medicine - new health system

Arrange the cooperation with Humanner Find co-creators Find programmers to make prototyp to virtual reality and support with apps

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