Being students we drew inspiration from our own experiences with online classes. We thought of what we wanted so that online classes became more fun and that's how we came up with STUDY ME-ME!!

What it does

Helps students continue their regular studies at the convenience of their home and at their comfortable speeds. We provide students access to teachers' notes and Q and A discussion threads. We also decided to make classes more fun by showing a few light-hearted memes during the lecture and allowing the students to play a game after the lecture

How we built it

Using softwares like flutter, firebase, and react-native

Challenges we ran into

  • Randomizing the movement of the sprite
  • Playing the video from firebase storage using flutter video player without the use of temporary files to enhance the user experience
  • Playing random memes while stopping the video

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Building a perfectly working website and incorporating as many features as we could to make the experience of the student unique -Creating a wonderful game -Making a detailed PPT

What we learned

-We learned to use firebase storage with flutter web even though there is no definite way to do this. This has enabled us to use APIs like REST to access other API’s which are not made for flutter. -We were also successful in our endeavor to create our very first game

What's next for Study Me-Me

-We plan to deploy this worldwide and create a business model around it
-We wish to create multiple new features to allow Teacher and student interactions to be more smooth and fun -For example, creating a task list -Creating a progress report for each and every student -Creating tutorials for simple projects that are easy to follow and the progress can be checked and shown using visual recognition and AR

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